Boy Scouts NXT Workshop

Last weekend, Jeroen P. (see picture) asked me if I could do a demonstration and workshop for his group of boy scouts. I said sure and packed 3 boxes for the kids to build with.
Then on Friday evening Jeroen and I repaired the workshop by creating 4 Tribots.

We took the grippers and sensors of and kept them aside then we created 3 boxes each containing all the parts needed to build 1 base Tribot.
Saturday 13 January 2007 I started with a demo of my new NXT model that I build for our NXTSTEP book and with the remote controlled NXT truck. The kids loved it.
Then it was time for them to build and program. I setup 3 laptops and divided the group of 12 in smaller groups of 2 kids. 6 of them started to build the model and 6 others started to learn NXT-G and program the base steps. After half an hour I switched the groups.

I was amazed by the speed. Within my two hour time frame the kids managed to build and program all the Tribot steps (even the last locate the ball).
The kids did not want to go home anymore.
see this link for the other pictures.


Anonymous said…
On the picture link "This folder is not yet public. "
Thanks for sharing, Martijn. I love watching kids interact with the new kit.

This Saturday I get to participate as a judge at the FLL State competition at Georgia Tech here in Atlanta... I'll try to take plenty of pictures.

Robotica said…
The reviewer of Brickshelf needed to authorize the folder.
Now it is public.

regards martyn
David Levy said…
It sounds like you got a lot done in such a short period of time.

Good work and nice pics!


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