Call for input: where in the web exist building instructions for NXT robots?

Hi all,

Frequently I get asked where to find building instructions for NXT robots in the web (and in particular, for such that can be built with a single NXT kit).
Well, one location I know of (in addition to the two ones on the official LEGO page; NXTLOG has a huge collection of robots, but for almost none instructions are available) is my own site - yet, there certainly are other ones. But where?
Would be nice to compile a list of such pages.

If you know of stuff the likes of that, please tell us.


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I got 2 so far:
the rover
the joystick

Anonymous said…
OK... I goofed with the links.
The rover
The joystick
I am a Moderator for the Official LEGO MindStorms Forums. I created (and was the curator) of the old CAD Depot folders were we had about a hundred model instructions available for download by the community. The folders are still there but the files are gone do to LEGO combining the MindStorms forums with the rest of LEGO's discussion boards at Club LEGO. The move and software change no longer supports the uploading of CAD model instructions. Thus...NXTlog.

I still have all of the RIS model instructions that were created (w/MLCad) and gratiously donated by users of the LEGO MindStorms Robotics Invention System.

If anything...the instructions were fantastic for sharing and learning building techniques. There really does need to be a really simple collection list/site for the NXT models or also including the RIS models. One Central place....NXTlog could very well be the best "official" place to host the NXT models but not both! users have posted a few at this point. But, in serveral different types of formats...Picture sets, LDraw/MLCad files, and other CAD program files.

I have always wanted to create this type of site. Maybe it is time. oops! Well, I'm out of time. Someone else want to have a go?

Christopher Smith*

*Currently setting up my Google Account and jumping through countless other hoops!
AlexD said…
Ah, Christopher, maybe you can nudge the Lego people so that their Digital Designer software could do NXT models as well. Right now it's kind of useless compared to MLCad, but the interface is good.

OK. Will do. But, if it does happen...Don't give me the credit.

Brian Davis said…
Well, a couple of other: LEGO Education West has put up some nice stuff aimmed mostly at teachers, but JennToo is there, as is my remote and a lot of other stuff (thanks to James Isom over there for both CAD work and making those, as well as other models, availible):

I have some "picture" instructions for DAZLR up on Brickshelf:

And NXTasy has a repository for some stuff as well (a lot of the MDP work):

Dave Astolfo has some nice stuff up as well, I *think* with some instructions (the site seems down currently):

Anonymous said…
The A036 NXT Walker by ISOGAWA Yoshihito. The website is in Japanese but the instructions have English entries also.

Scott Mueller
Rick Rhodes said…

Do you have programming instructions for RasPy on your site? (I wasn't able to find any).

RaSPy is on hold for right now... ;)
Rick Rhodes said…
Oops--that's right!
Lou Morris said…
Having a standard structure and file format to store the designs, instructions, sample code and documentation would be helpfull. ( common look and feel for things like build instructions )

Having a free 3D CAD type app to design and record the build instructions would be great, and I was looking into this myself. I have an idea on how to implement code for the 3D CAD part using the new MS XNA ( 3d hardware acceleration is now built-in to XP SP2 and Vista ), but I would need a digital library of Lego XNT parts. If anyone knows if CAD files are available for all the parts, let me know.
Anonymous said…
Does anyone know how to program a robot with US scanning 90 degree or more and go the direction that is farther away.

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