Color Sensor Block

Steve at HiTechnic was kind enough to send me the beta block for the new Color Sensor. I was able to import it with no problems and tested the data wires and they worked, too. I've labeled the data plugs in the image - as you can see, you can set a range using the A and B import data plugs and the block will also provide output of a color with Red, Blue, and Green values, each individually available as an output data plug.

The Compare drop-down menu offers "Inside Range" and "Outside Range" options and you can either set values for A and B manually or by dragging the small bars, with A having minimum low value of 0 and B having a maximum upper value of 17.

Okay, readers - what kinds of uses can you think of for the Color Sensor?


Anonymous said…
A nice big brick color sorter robot :D
Anonymous said…
I'm glad to see that you'll be able to read the individual RGB values as well as their "color number" identifications.

One idea I had for this sensor is a Rubik's cube solver. I realize this has been done before but I believe the solution(s) required an attached computer & camera to read the color positions of the Rubik's cube. It seems like the color sensor could be used to read the colors of the cube and calculate the solution directly on the NXT brick.
Anonymous said…
I recently bought an NXT kit with the vague intention of building a robot 'painter'. I was disappointed to discover the light sensor can't see colors. I'll buy a color sensor if one is available.
I realize a robot painter is impractical - I'm just goofing around with the kit for fun - but any image-oriented robot would want a color sensor.

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