FLL Final (NL) & Demo Scanning Probe Microscopy

During the FLL finals in The Netherlands (Benelux) I will demonstrate the Mindstorms NXT and a special for a museum custom build demonstration model.

This model of a Scanning Probe Microscopy (see wiki), will demonstrate how we can visualize a surface of single atoms on a computer screen (my NXT).
Here is a picture of how the process works. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scanning_tunneling_microscope

This is the link to my Brickshelf folder where I will post more pictures after the FLL event.


Brian Davis said…
I'm guessing the two easily visible motors move the STM head left/right and up/down, but what is the sensor on the end? Touch sensor, or light sensor? Very nice clean mechanism form what I can see, BTW - I'm looking forward to more pictures. Another thing an STM can do is manipulate single atoms, picking them up and dropping them... with your implimentation, it looks like the STM head could easily "bump" the "atoms" into adjacent vacancies, in order to spell out words or make symbols. Which, of course, would be a *perfect* example of nanotech :-).

Brian Davis

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