Mindstorms at the University of Washington

I received an email from Andrew Davidson, Affiliate Assistant Professor at University of Washington that might be of interest to educators:

I'm teaching an undergraduate course in the design program at the University of Washington this term that is using robotics in a multi-disciplinary environment. The course employs Mindstorms (using both Robolab and NXT-G, on Macs and PCs) to introduce designers to the world of technology systems, basic programming, and collaborative projects. We have students from visual communication design, computer science, technical communications, and experimental digital art programs working together in the class. It's called Designing Behaviors.
We won't see the results of their projects until March, but it's fun so far. The UW student newspaper (The Daily) just did a little story on the course that might be of interest to other educators
. I'd be happy to hear from anyone else doing similar kinds of things.


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