In the Los Angeles area, looking to make some extra $$ teaching robotics? MAKE magazine ( has posted the following job posting... maybe a reader can help out...

"Design-a-Robot Class

Using the Lego Mindstorms™ system, build an autonomous robot and teach it to navigate an obstacle course and interact with other robots and kids. Follow your curiosity to learn mechanical design basics, computer logic and other abstract skills you don't normally use in everyday life. Working in small teams of two or three, students focus on areas of personal preference and collaborate on solving problems. Offered session 1 only. The class is five-weeks long and meets on Sundays at the South Campus from 1-4 pm. Salary: $25/hour Spring term dates: Sunday, Feb. 4 to Sunday, March 4.

If interested, please contact Paula Goodman, Director K-12 Programs (626) 396-2347 (626) 396-4219 (FAX) "


Anonymous said…
This is at Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, in the "Art Center for Kids" teaching program there. Paula runs a series of design-oriented courses for kids in an adjunct program to the normal undergraduate and graduate programs.

She has been offering a course for kids in LEGO Mindstorms for some years now.
prince said…
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