The "Missing" NXT Education Resource Set?

Back in fall 2006, I posted a query on this blog about the "missing" Education Resource Set from Lego.

The kit was available in the US for a few weeks last fall, but has been "temporarily" out of stock for five months at

The kit is now available in the UK, Spain, Australia and other countries but not in the US. Might anyone shed light on this mystery?


Anonymous said…
Rick Rhodes said…

Thanks for this link to several stories about LEGO and their supply chain/outsourcing woes.

While these stories don't directly address a Lego "Resource Set" shortage, they do offer a plausible explanation of why the shortage exists.

Looks like I'll order my resource set from Europe (which was where my last set came from).
Rick Rhodes said…
Below is a link to a report on "MSN Money" about Lego's supply chain issues.

The report is a positive one about Lego as a company. However, the report talks about the supply chain strains Lego endures as they outsource farther and farther away from their markets.

Of course, outsourcing is not peculiar to Lego. But it may help to explain why certain Lego sets are in plentiful supply while others (like the Resource Set)are not.

Here's the URL:
Andy said…
It took about 1 month from I placed my order at one Edu. Rescource set to it arrived at it's destination.

Vincent said…
On which web site can you buy the resource set in Europe? is US only apparently.
Anonymous said…
I called Lego Education towards the end of December, and they said that it would be available in the first or second week of January. That time has come and gone, still no set...
Rick Rhodes said…
I bought my Education Resource set from in the UK.

When I ordered my set from them they tried to talk me out of buying it, saying that I could get it much more cheaply in the US. (That's when I explained to them that you couldn't get it in the US).

Any company that tries to talk you OUT of a sale is a good company.

Rick Rhodes said…
The link to the MSN video
about Lego's outsourcing is no longer working. Here's another link:

(The video link is on the above page, about halfway down).

Anonymous said…
I asked them last week and they finally responded with this:

"Dear XXXXX,
Item 979648 should be available the end of this month or the very early
part of March.
Fred Wade
Customer Service
Michael said…
Hope your right anonymous!

Anonymous said…
I got an email from Lego that my resource kit (ordered before Christmas as a present) had been shipped and was scheduled for delivery on March 6.
Anonymous said…

Do you know how can I get the Education Resource Set (9648) if I live in Mexico? I can't find the product here and internet stores (including Lego Education) do not have shipping to Mexico.

Thanks a lot.
Anonymous said…
I bought a couple education resource sets in January, and they came in about a week. The website also said that they were in stock. Another tqo items that have not been in stock are the technic beams with snaps and the studless technic beam. I ordered one of each 2 in mid january and they have not come yet.

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