Jan 24, 2007

Need extra parts?

Here's a posting from the NXT Education Pilot Program that mentions where you can get extra parts for an NXT Education kit.

Does anyone know of an equivalent resource for the retail kit?


Paul Van Lierop said...

There is an actual kit that includes a variety of parts for enhancing your Mindstorms kit including track etc. it's only $59 and includes all sorts of useful stuff for retail or education: http://www.legoeducation.com/store/detail.aspx?by=6&pt=4&pl=10&ID=1277

Anonymous said...

out of stock at the moment

David Levy said...

Yes that's a nice kit. It's the one that is included when you purchase with an FLL registration.
( Probably why they are out of stock )

What about replacement parts for the retail kit? I suppose many of them can be purchased through lego education.

Andy said...

Not individual (is that even the right word??), but you get'em all (well almost) in the Recsource set (yes, the one you guys were talking about). I have one and it has alot of VERY good perts in it, it took a littlt bit under a month from I made the order until it got to it's destonation.


Andy said...

BTW it stood out of stock when I ordered it and it took three weeks from the order to it left the warehouse somewhere in Texas to it got to Chicago (nat all the way but a place near Vienna, Illinois).


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