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The new NXT book that we, The NXT Step blogger team, have been working on is in full-swing. We can't comment (yet) on any specific robots that will be included in the book (there will be 9 of them with full building instructions and programming steps in a CAD format), but there will also be 9+ chapters from various blog contributors on different topics that readers might find of interest.

My chapter is on debugging and includes some tips on troubleshooting your NXT-G programs. Many of these will come as no surprise to experienced programmers, but newcomers to NXT-G (and programming, in general) will hopefully find some helpful stuff in there for helping with pesky programs.

We're working hard on this book - no expected due date yet, but it won't be too long. Some of my fellow contributors might chime in and give some hints about their book material, too. There are some things we can't talk about yet (such as the robots) but we'll answer the questions we can if you've got them...

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year - now it's back to work!



Tony Naggs said…
Bluetooth Chapter

I shall be contributing a chapter on Bluetooth, including: what is Bluetooth, how Bluetooth works with the Lego NXT, how to connect to the NXT with different Bluetooth software.

The rationale for this chapter is that Bluetooth is not familiar to many Lego NXT owners, and that it seems to be the cause of many requests for help.

I've got lots of Bluetooth dongles & software versions to try out ...

Tony N

I have trouble understanding BT sometimes... something that's supposed to be so simple doesn't really seem to be :)

I just got a new phone that has BT functionality... gotta figure out how to make it work.

hamrad said…
Looking forward to your new book. Hopefully, there will a few example pages to get an idea of what is in the book becuase our local book stores (B&N, Borders, etc) don't carry these types of technical books in the store for reviewing before buying. Since am in fairly new to this hobby I just ordered your previous books.

Thanks for your time,

Tom S.

We've got some surprises in store... as for getting some advanced looks, I'll see what we can do.

Anonymous said…
Looking forward to this book being released. What other books do you recommend that include builing instructions and programming ideas? Is Yoshihito's a must have even though it is in Japanese?
"Is Yoshihito's a must have even though it is in Japanese?"

Well, if you're into collecting books on Mindstorms and always on the lookout for new ideas and good techniques, his book does provide.

I don't mind that I can't read most of the text - the pictures are sufficiently detailed that I can make out how his devices work.

Right now, there's just not that many books out yet on NXT... just do an Amazon search on "Mindstorms NXT" and you'll find 4 books listed - 2 aren't even out yet. Given that there were over 15 books released on the RCX, it's just a matter of waiting.


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