New LNE Video, and better pictures

I had a significant number of requests for more information on my LEGO PackBot implementation, so I pulled together some more information. First, I took it all apart and documented the process with a series of 15 images ("lnebuild1" through "lnebuild15" in my Brickshelf Folder). Take a close look (in one step, pieces apparently change color; it's just something I did to highlight the pins you needed to pull), and you might be able to reproduce it. You will need at least one extra studless turntable and six of the new treads, plus I'm sure other studless pieces. In rebuilding it I was able to reinforce the structure some more, add the US sensor and a HiTechnic accelerometer, as well as place the minifig driver in a much safer spot.

I also put together a better video of unit LNE in action, (embedded below, hopefully) showing it climbing slopes, crossing gaps, "swimming" in packing peanuts, etc... as well as a couple more "interesting" activities. Let me know what you thought of the video - I've not edited together a lot of videos like this, so be gentle :-).

Brian Davis


Rick Rhodes said…

I just saw this video on YouTube before you posted it on the blog. It's a GOOD "tutorial" of Packbot's capabilities". (I haven't seen the shots on Brickshelf yet--that's where I'm headed next).

Remember my joke that you should get paid for your YouTube videos? YouTube's founder just announced that YT will soon have a "revenue-sharing" agreement with content providers like yourself. (Your son should get most of the $: he doubles as lead actor AND stuntman).

Rick R.
Poor stormtroopers :(

Brian - absolutely incredible.

Some comments:

1. Someone other than one of The NXT Step blog contributors really needs to contact iRobot and point them to this video. To be able to so closely mimic a real-world robot using LEGO components is a real challenge and I think Brian's work deserves to be noticed...

2. Brian, you really should contact Tom at ROBOT magazine and see about getting a feature article on your LNE - they've covered many of iRobot's products and this one just begs for some written details from you.

Great video, too... nice editing and very good demonstrations of what the bot can do.
Anonymous said…
It's a cool robot. All about thing it attacks the imperial star wars troopers, it's funny.

In seriusly, it's a great robot.

[More in]
Anonymous said…
I think the new video more clearly shows the capabilities of the LNE, those steps are cool, most other stair climbers I have seen have been much more complex and can't do nearly as much as the LNE can (or Packbot for that matter:)

The packaging peanuts are hilarious! Creating a robot that swims through scree instead of riding over funny!

Your pilot is probably thanking you for sticking him elsewhere...but now the ultrasonic sensor and the NXT brick are taking the brunt of a fall... is that safe for the electronics? I'd consider building a roll bar.

Very nice soundtrack, I think the video is well edited.
Anonymous said…
I'm having trouble veiwing it after about 50 seconds it freezes and then watch again or share buttons come up.

From what I have seen it looks like a really neat bot.

Anonymous said…

You are indeed a NXT-master. Very impressive. I would consider the roll-bar as well if it was my US-sensor.


Shun D said…
I currently run an after school program thats based around the NXT. We are adding moon rovers and your design would be an excellent add, could you please send me build out instructions. We would love to add that to our program, It would truly help the students in their exploration to build the best rover, please send instructions to

Shun D.
Anonymous said…

whoa awesome design but how can u get the extra pieces without buying a extra kit?
Anonymous said…

You can try Lego education or if they don't have it you can always try ebay, or you can try

Anonymous said…

I'd really like to build something like your LNE, but I can't seem to find the right size rubber treads you used. Did they come from a specific kit or did you order them from Lego education?

This is, by far, the best thing I've seen built with Mindstorms yet! Great job!!!


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