NXTLog Commenting Tips

For those of you that like to comment on NXTLog, the moderators have put together a nice set of guidelines for commenting, which can be seen here. There's some good tips on there for keeping NXTLog friendly and constructive, and I would recommend that everyone read it.



Anonymous said…
Lol, there are some awesome pics that acompany them, I must go change my avatar:-)

I think it is a very good thing that Lego is making a conscious effort to show that they are there and that they are keeping tabs on everything that goes by. They could just have easily not posted that and moderated everything that came in, but now they are making the job of their moderators easy (Nate must be happy) and displaying their presence at the same time.
Indeed, those pictures are pretty neat - they illustrate the concepts nicely.

They should also do this kind of thing on the LMB forums "over there" (insider joke). :-)


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