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The official pbLua website is now up. Take a look at it here:


It's just starting up, but watch this site for future updates and developments. As it stands pbLua (a version of the Lua language targetted to the NXT) is still being fleshed out, but Ralph Hemple (one of the original four MUP members) has really made a nice start at a neat and clean language for the NXT. Take a look at the web page - Ralph even has a code example up (written originally by Steve Hassenplug) so you can see what a little line following routine looks like in pbLua. Personally, this is a new firmware I've been looking forward to for some time, ever since I heard it was being developed. Lua just... seems like an ideal language for this sort of thing. I've not tried it yet (I need to work out the install under OSX), but it looks good. Can anyone else out there speak up about experiences with Lua, and how you think it should port to the NXT?

Brian Davis


Jeronimo said…
Lua is a very straightforward and powerful language, I am studying the use of Lua on embedded systems and discovered this port for the NXT. Its a pity that don't have a port for my RCX.
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