Jan 19, 2007

Soccer, and other Robots

soccer gameLast Saturday afternoon I played a little soccer game with 4 Tribots.
It was great fun to use an other NXT as a remote and try to put the ball in the goal.
I had programmed the keeper so that it would come out the goal when it saw an opponent, defending like in real live. For more pictures look here:

While adding this, I saw this nice robot, Built by Laurens200, he has also built a walker and more RCX models, looking forward to see more from his creative mind...


Somehow that robot did remind me of a very old one, back in 1986. it used the old 4.5v motors and a wired PC-interface, this was about the time that I started with computer based LEGO.


Nice work Laurens200


David Levy said...


So which robots are autonomous ( just the goalie)?

Robotica said...

Only the goal keeper was...
The rest was RC...

this was a quick fun thing to do, not a serious soccer game.


Laurens200 said...

Thanks for posting my robot!
The idea was from one of the 'Pro challenges' in the RIS2.0 kit.

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