Steve H's Rock Crawler

Steve Hassenplug has created a new webpage dedicated to "rock crawling" - take a look at it here. Some nice designs, plus he's included some part #'s for those awesome wheels!


Anonymous said…
Those are some really nice trucks. I can't imagine how anybody could get that many of those large tires, the 4x4 is pretty expensive (I think around $100) and the....other set is fairly large as well.
Anonymous said…
Steve, great trucks!

I am wondering how long do the batteries last when driving around your hauler or big-wheeler?
Brian Davis said…
As to the big tires, well... you can buy them from Bricklink, although they are still expenssive (roughly $10 a tire). Steve has... spent a fiar bit of time, and cash, acquiring his collection :-).

However, now you have my thinking of "racing for pinks" to get more tires... :-).

Brian "who also doesn't have enough PowerPuller tires" Davis

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