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If you're not a subscriber to ROBOT Magazine, you might have missed a great article in the latest issue on "Teaching with Robotics" - fortunately, ROBOT Magazine has posted the article (with some extra content) on their website for all to read.

Not only is the article very informative, but it's got a TON of reference links... this article might make a great addition to a proposal to a school (or school board) for funding a robotics program.

Take a look at the article here - if you find it of interest, be sure to send the editor, Tom Atwood, an email and thank him for making the article available to the public for free...


Thanks for sharing this great article! I hope to develop a robotics program at the Community College where I teach and this article will likely help me in my efforts. I'll definitely drop Tom and email to thank him - he probably got a new subscriber today.

I thought I'd also mention that I recently stumbled across a web site for Cerro Coso Community College where they have a Robotics Club and even credit course introducing LEGO Robotics. Check them out at:


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