Advanced NXT: The Da Vinci Inventions Book


I'm proud to announce that my NXT book that is to appear in June is listed now on!
As you might deduce from the abstract there, it's about re-building some of Leonardo da Vinci's most famous inventions with LEGO and powering them with the NXT.
All these robots get programmed with the five programming environments that are available presently to execute NXT programs directly on the brick (NXT-G, NXC, RobotC, pbLua and leJOS NXJ).


ps Will have to talk to the arts dept. on the cover, though. ;-)


Anonymous said…
Cover would look good with sketch-style drawing of one of De Vinci's contraptions.
Peter Hoh said…
I can't wait.

The cover -- Alpha Rex as Vitruvian Man.

Nah, it has to be a sketch of one of your da Vinci LEGO models.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm....Apress Publishing does love the color brown, don't they? :)

Congratulations, Matthias! Hope Apress is forthcoming with some "teaser" content, as they were with Jim K.'s book.

Rick Rhodes
Yeah, they do... they have a series of books called "Technology in Action" and all of them have this standard look. The brown is actually a dark amber, but the pictures for some reason do look brown.

Alejandro said…
Congratulations! On question :
Can you build the projects with the retail kit or will you need extra parts...?
Andrew Davidson said…
Could you perhaps share the table of contents with us? Which da Vinci inventions did you produce?

Nice idea, btw!
Unknown said…
Too cool, Matthias! I see my Advanced Robotics class for fall...

FWIW, my daughter says, "We have GOT to get that book!" And it's not even colorful! *grin*

I can't wait for your book! It looks like a great resource to build a summer camp or after-school program around...
Fay Rhodes said…
JoAnn, didn't you know that brown is tres chic this year? Gray is another story. ;)
Unknown said…
Hi all,

thanks for the encouraging comments! :-)
Yes, I'd like to have some of Leonardo's original sketches on it - they are very picturesque, after all.

Alejandro, you will need more than a retail kit, I'm afraid - not for brick, motors or sensors, but for the extra technical parts like beams, bricks with holes and turntables, mainly.
Unknown said…

I suppose I need to offer you the position of fashion consulter on the book (we would need to discuss the clothes I'm going to wear at presentations, won't we?). ;-)

Fay Rhodes said…
Just don't wear your pocket protector. :-)
Unknown said…

don't worry: Mathematicians do not wear these kind of things (contrary to engineers, I presume). Yet, how about my thick googles? And the two different sorts of socks? ;-)
Eric Ricketts said…
How does one get the extra parts needed for this latest book? Is there any inventory list somewhere? I was looking for parts for the Mayan Adventure and I ran into the same problem. Right now, I am looking for all the parts needed for the Mayan Adventure, I will need to do the same for the new Da Vinci book. Does anyone know how I can get an inventory of the parts. I have pictures galore but no part numbers.

I can't speak for Matthias' book, but my Mayan book uses the parts found in just ONE NXT retail kit. No additional LEGO parts needed. Now, if you own the Educational version, it's a different story... the main limitation being my use of the Hassenpin and these not being included in the basic version of the Educational kit (unless something has changed).

Unknown said…

that's a pretty good idea indeed.
If I find the time, I'm going to include some "bills of parts required that are not contained in one retail kit, and where to find them" list for each robot in the book.


By the way, Peeron is a good source for finding kits that include given parts.
If one had the educational version of the NXT and then purchased the NXT Education Resource Set ( would you have enough parts for The Mayan Adventure? For the Da Vinci Inventions?

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