Another NXT Book in Japanese

Here's the publisher's info:

Book Title : niyuumon rego maindo suto mu enuetsukusutei niyuumon rego maindosuto mu enuetsukusutei rego burotsuku de tsukuru ugoku rob…
Author Name (s) : ooba shin ichirou
Language : Japanese
Publisher/ISBN : 4797338253
Release Date : December 19, 2006

Maybe a Japanese reader (or someone else) could translate the title and book cover for us. The book is available from


yohei said…
Hi, the title is "Introductoion to LEGO Mindstorms NXT, The robot made by LEGO blocks".
Anonymous said…
Thank you, Yohei!

Yohei, this book has a detailed description listed on

If you or anyone else could give us more details from the description written in Japanese, we would appreciate it.


Rick R.
Unknown said…
There are 3 chapters in this book.
1st: introduction NXT
2nd: NXT-G ROBOT programming challenge, including 4 Basic challenge and 10 advanced challenge.
3rd: Four Robots demonstration, original designed by the author.
Appendix: LEGO BLOCK Drawing: LDraw, The NXT information URL.
There are some pictures from someone's blog (not mine :-) )
I also introduce this book in my blog in Chinese.!8crUvVGGHwKkRrjwPg.PJk7ckkwUHc4-/article?mid=316

Hope this is a little help for you, thank you!
Anonymous said…
Thank you, Lego.

Rick R.
That Walker in the picture from one of your links looks AWESOME!


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