Bill Gates: A Robot in Every Home

In the new issue of Scientific American, there's an article by Bill Gates on his vision on the future of Robotics. He forecasts that robotics will be the next hot field.

Tell us what you think about the thoughts expressed there.


Well, here in the USA the Roomba (vacuum) robot is still selling well. I have an uncle who loves it and bought a second one. The time is coming... it may be 5 or 10 years before we see robots that do other things (besides vacuuming and mopping). My first PC (8088) could only support writing school papers (in mono font) and printing, with a really weak spreadsheet-like program. This was 20-or-so years ago. I imagine robots will be similar. In 10-20 years, they should be fairly accepted into our daily routine and fairly powerful compared to the ones I can buy today.

Anonymous said…
i hope MS is not a part in it or it will be over priced(vista) and nothing but betaware. i can see a MS version of Roomba. instead of cleaning your floor it will clean out your wallet.

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