Building and Programming Instructions for the NXT Gymnast

The following note is from Eugene Tsai, coach of the team who created the NXT Gymnast:

"I’m located in Taipei and run an after-school classroom teaching kids LEGO Mindstorms.

I coached an elementary school team to build the first gymnastic robot using RCX in September 2005 for the 2005 WRO (World Olympiad Robotics), Open Category competition – Robot in Sport. The robot was shown in Taipei’s competition in September and Bangkok’s competition in November of 2005. The robot was a 3-link design with two active links. At that time, people asked if the robot could swing over the bar.

After the first NXT arrived in my classroom last August, I was able to build a 2-link robot with a simpler structure and make it swing over the bar."

Eugene sent me building and programming instructions for the NXT gymnast in PDF form. For a limited time, you'll be able to download the instructions by going to the following site:
username: public
password: nxtstep
(The login is case-sensitive).

If you have further questions about the robot, please post them on the blog and Eugene will respond.



THANK YOU for sharing the building instructions. It's a great design.

Anonymous said…
If anyone can't download from this URL, I've put the file locally on NXTasy repository here.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Keyu Chou helped me to make the 3D drawings.

I made notes on What Next:
1.Make predictable giant loop.
2.Make continual giant loops
3.Try better sensor for triggering the swinging – a gyro or an acceleration sensor?

I hope we will soon see more interesting works about the subject of gymnastic robot.


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