Nippon did it again: new NXT book

Masashi Ishikawa, editor at Mainichi Communications Inc., sent me the following note on a new NXTbook: The book entitled "LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT GRAY BOOK" will publish on the end of this month.

Following is the announcement of that. But I'm sorry that site was written by Japanese only.

And there is the contents of the book.
Chapter4 NBC
Chapter5 RCX
Chapter6 PC
Chapter7 TWO-LEGGED (Betarex)

Maybe some of our Japanese-speaking readers might be willing to provide some further information that can be found on the site?

Domo arigato!



I had to edit the post a little... the formatting was messed up and the text was spilling over into the menu bar on right side of screen.
Robotica said…
Hi I used Babel fish to translate the most of the text>

then past these two links:
main page:

TOC(table of content):

the last will display this text:
Programming with the NXT software
1-1 basis of NXT software
1-2 arrangement and convenient operation my block conversion
1-3 instruction function probably will be used
1-4 arrangement trigonometric function is used

You play with plural NXT
2-1 it is possible with plural sets
2-2 the one which sound does the robot which faces
2-3 the robot which advances to brighter one
2-4 two touch sensors - with three input
2-5 the rotary encoder is made
2-6 basis of Bluetooth communication
2-7 the dance where breath is agreeable the robot which dances
2-8 it is the け it is with the robot which opposes

The convenient tool is managed
3-1 CAD software "MLCad" for LEGO block
3-2 with "LDView" the design figure is designated as the picture
3-3 the original audio file is used with "Wav2Rso"
3-4 the original graphics file is used with "nxtRICedit"

Chapter4 NBC
Programming with NBC
4-1 NBC?
4-2 compilation method of program
4-3 method of the description regarding the input of the sensor
4-4 method of the description regarding the output of the motor
4-5 method of the description regarding file management

Chapter5 RCX
The sensor for RCX/the motor is used
5-1 RCX?
5-2 about the input/output port for NXT
5-3 original work 1 of conversion cable
5-4 original work 2 of conversion cable
5-5 new part opposite ball kicking machine
5-6 the NXT software corresponds to the part for RCX

Chapter6 PC
The communication programming of PC
6-1 procurement of programming environment
6-2 the control which is in accordance with direct command
6-3 the robot is moved by way of Internet

Large-sized two foot walking robot
7-1 super Daisaku! ベータレックス
7-2 how to assemble ベータレックス
7-3 operational principle of ベータレックス
7-4 program of ベータレックス
7-5 how to move ベータレックス

End of the volume data
The option for A-1 LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT
The programming environment of A-2 LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT
Build method of A-3 firmware


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