NXT Gymnast

For more information on this robot, go here.


Fun to watch... maybe they'll tackle the springboard next.
Anonymous said…
Anyone recognizes what are thw two sensors connected to the NXT?
Rick Rhodes said…

I can't see the sensors to which you're referring. Are you talking about sensors that are connected directly to the brick, or sensors that are on that "trapeze" contraption?

If anyone can comment on the construction details of the trapeze, please do. (We'd like to know more about the materials that were used or could be used).
Anonymous said…
In the first seconds of the movie, one sees two wires connected to the input ports of the NXT. I assume these are sensors ;)...
If you pause it, you can see two of the NXT converter cables... they appear to be running into RCX sensors, most likely rotation. Difficult to tell other than they look blue in the video (the sensors, I mean).

Rick Rhodes said…
I emailed the webmasters of the site on which this robot is featured.
Hopefully, they can put me in touch with the creator and he/she can give us more details.

I won't hold my breath. (The site is in Japanese).
Robolab29 said…
Um, actually it's not Japanese, it's Chinese. I would know because I speak Chinese. In the video, they were complementing the robot.
Rick Rhodes said…
Thank you, Robolab.

I received an email from Eugene, the creator of this robot. He said he would send me more details of its construction and programming.

When Eugene sends me the info, I'll share it on the blog.

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