Received the following from Dr. Chris Rogers about a patch for RoboLab:

"...supports all sorts of things - like 3rd party sensors, trig functions on the NXT (with onboard floating point), and some nice NXT screen control options. Again, this is really only for people that are already using robolab."

You can read more about it and download here.


Belinda said…
This patch adds heaps of new features for the NXT that you just can't do in NXT-G.

Chris's Robobook manuals for the 3rd Party sensors have some wonderful examples as well. How many software allow you to turn the NXT display into a fully functioning compass display is less than 20 steps

Keep up the good work.
Brian Davis said…
This update is great news, but you chose an odd example to illustrate with. I've had an NXT-G program that displays a simple active compass needle with calibration pass, and it uses only 14 blocks (counting the two trig blocks as single blocks). Robolab is fantastic, and the firmware its built upon gives it some unique advantages over NXT-G... but I'm not sure simplicity is one of them, even for 3rd party sensors.

Brian Davis

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