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Some very nice sets are flying from the LEGO production pipes. The interesting parts of the sets are the parts, of course! Choosing sets that add functionality to your existing NXT part inventory is the key here. I have a few examples I would like to present to the crowd…

First, Everyone likes mobility…I asked my 4 yr. old son what he likes about his LEGO Collection (or mine)…He said, “I Like Wheels!” No kidding. I asked, “What else?” He replied, “I like things with wheels!” Its not surprising. Mobile platforms are fun! If you have seen my HoopRover you would know exactly why my son likes wheels!

Whatever your tastes might be, I encourage you to find some interesting elements within LEGO sets that make you want to build better MindStorms Robots!

Here are a few examples that interest me.

Set #7706 Exo-Force Mobile Defense Tank – A new kind of rubber belt-type tread (4 included and 8 NXT-type wheels). And to mention…with all of the NXT Orange elements included with this set, color coordination is easy.

Sets #8274 Snowmobile and #8275 RC Bulldozer – Both sets include the new hard link systems. The RC Bulldozer includes some very nice RC equipment. (4 Channel Infrared, possible control of up to 4 new type motors). All of which can make your head spin with Robotic thoughts of NXT ideas. For a few tasty snaps of the #8275 RC Bulldozer…

Set #8108 Exo-Force Mobile Devastator (Green Wheels, oh man!) Not available yet! But, I did see that it is listed at approx. $90 USD.

The Elemental


Anonymous said…
You know, that Green Exo-Force set doesn't look half wise. Aesthetically, yuck.

I see two Zamor sphere launchers, and four of those weird looking green wheels. I really want to know if those wheels can be used as gears. Just looking, I'd say "no" because they don't have same pitch. They might mesh with the hailfire droids though.

And Chris, I totally agree with you son...Wheels are the best. I really wish I had gotten the 8466, just for the wheels (and all the other cool parts) And I can't believe I missed the 8651 in 05, those wheels are decent sized and it's a nice little set. Bummer.
I think you can still find the set #8466 (and Technic Power Puller) large "Technic Power" rubber tires and wheels (or the other set's rollers) on Bricklink somewhere.

I do think these green wheels may be used as gears (that mesh with each other, at least). The actual hub looks like it may be free-spinning until locked with that gray triangle looking part.

I really do like finding the parts out there. So many great things to add to my robotic building inventory.

Anonymous said…
Any Idea how much the RC bulldozer will cost?

Anonymous said…
Any idea when the Bulldozer will be available?
Peter Hoh said…
There are 6 balloon tires available in the 8415 Dump Truck, which is still available at Shop @ Home. It also comes with a nice assortment of blue Technic beams (studdless style, also known as liftarms).

And balloon tires and other wheels can be purchased directly through LEGO Education online. LEGO's educational sales partners vary by country. In the U.S., check out Pitsco. You don't have to be a teacher to order from them.
Unknown said…
Yes, the Exoforce sets have some very interesting parts.
However, I'm somewhat loath to buy some (rather expensive) kits just for the sake of acquiring some parts that make, say, 10% of the kit.
My dream is the LEGO designer offering technical parts also, so you could buy precisely those parts you are interested into.

After all, that may not comply with the business plan of LEGO, and I completely understand it: a company that invented and offers (almost) unbreakable all-purpose modular components has to think about how to sell things when (almost) every family has a trunk full of these parts nowadays..
Anonymous said…
What is the word on the the release date for the RC Bulldozer? I have GOT TO HAVE ONE!
Anonymous said…
the new bulldozer i found here(not in stock yet but priced)

the older 4x4 with the big tire at brinklink will set you back 250! dollars better off with a extra nxt kit.

Matthias...I in the same boat. You said it all. One thing though...If no one else buys these sets I snag them up at discount prices. Yep, I have loads of Bionicle stuff...there are some very good parts in those discount bins!


OK, as for release dates... Nothing has officially been confirmed. My source says:

8275 RC Bulldozer - August 2007 (approx. 150 euros)
8108 Exo-Force Mobile Devastator - August 2007

The RC Bulldozer is the "iffie'ist".

I guess we wait. It gives us more time to save some extra cash!

Hans Mundahl said…
Does the NXT kit come with enough parts to keep an adult builder busy for a while or is there an expansion set you would suggest to purchase at the same time to allow for enough gears, bits, wheels, parts etc to keep someone busy for a while?
Yes! There are enough parts included to keep anyone occupied for a "while" and then some...

There may be some "NXT expansion packs" in the works but really any of the "Technic" line of LEGO sets almost serve the same purpose. I recommend looking for sets that do have "extra" studless beams, gears, wheels, axles, etc. However, any LEGO set can be used with the NXT set just the same. If you want to add "studs". Look for studded bricks with pins (or pin holes) on the sides, top, or bottom. These can be snapped into the studless beams.

Rick Rhodes said…

Lego sells an "Education Resource Set" that serves as an expansion set for the NXT.

It's a great set that includes many parts not in the original kit. However, it's chronically out-of-stock.

There's a rumor out there that the set will be in stock in late February or early March. You can get it over the web at overseas outlets, but it's expensive to go that route.
Anonymous said…
Lego Ed sells all the gears and bits you could ever need in lots. Like the 40T gears you get 25 for 10$ 16T you get 50 for 10$ Just type PARTS in the STORE search. I personaly spend as much thier as my wife allows :) i wonder if they are a public stock?
Andy said…
I got the Resource set abuot 3-4 weeks after I ordered it and it was "Out of stock" when I ordered it.


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