Some GREAT new additions from HiTechnic

Take a trip over to HiTechnic's website and click on the "Development Lab" link. You're going to see some great new stuff coming from them.

From their site (excerpts):

iRLink - contains an Infrared (IR) Transmitter and Receiver, connects to an NXT sensor port and communicates with the RCX through its IR port - supports full bidirectional data transfer - message transfers initiated by the NXT or the RCX.

iRSeeker - an infrared detector that can tell your program if an infrared light source is within view, the direction of the source and the relative strength of the signal - ideal for detecting IR devices such as the Robocup Jr soccer ball - returns a numeric value to the NXT program indicating the direction of the target, as well as a value indicating the strength of the signal which will give an indication of the distance to the target.

HiTechnic Motor Multiplexer or mMux - provides a way to extend the number of motors that can be attached to the NXT - connects to an NXT sensor port and has four motor connections for four standard NXT motors - each motor may be controlled independently from the NXT and all standard motor operations are supported, including direction, power, duration and rotation. In order to support the extra motors, the mMUX is powered from a standard LEGO Battery box.

HiTechnic Sensor Multiplexer (sMUX) - connects to an NXT sensor ports - has four standard sensor ports expanding the NXT to be able to support four sensors from one NXT port - supports any combination of sensors of any type - includes the Ultrasonic, Compass, Color and other I2C sensors as well as the touch, sound and other analog sensors. Legacy sensors may also be connected using the legacy sensor wire.


Anonymous said…
I'm curios to see how Mindsensors is going to counter this:)
Anonymous said…
Wow! RCX interface and Multiplexors always topped my most wanted features.
Anonymous said…
I wonder if the iRlink can be used for IRPD...the iRSeeker would be good but I don't think it says that it emits it's own beacon.
Kirk Backstrom said…
I hope that the LEGO company will supply the housings for the MUX internals. Does anyone know?
The iRLink is not designed to be used as an IRPD as it will not read its own signal. The RCX version of the HiTechnic IRPD and EOPD operated by sending out short bursts of signal pulses at a pre-determined frequency and then turned off the transmitter while the reflected was read. This was done is such a way as to avoid interference from other IRPDs and EOPDs. The iRLink will transmit data strings to an RCX and receive data strings back. In RC mode, it will transmit control data to an RC train. There is nothing to receive back. There is also another mode where you will be able to program it to transmit to any IR device as long as you know the parameters necessary to communicate with the external device. This will include carrier frequency, transmission speed and data. In theory, if you know this, it would be possible to control devices such as stereos, TVs etc.

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