Spider Walker Building and Programming Instructions

There are many NXT walkers around but few, if any, have complete building instructions like this one.

Download the building and programming instructions here.

Thank you to sorosy.com!


Anonymous said…
Thanks Rick for pointing this work to us!
I've added this nice project to the NXTasy repository projects section:
where many fully documented (i.e. these with building instructions) NXT projects are piling up!

Just a small piece of advice that some of us here at The NXT Step have figured out during our book and blog writing experience - If you haven't done so, I'd suggest emailing the creator of the PDF and requesting permission to repost it in your repository.

With all the stuff being created out there, it's important to get permission from the creator before sharing, even if the files are free.

If you've already done so, great - apologies in advance for the lecture, but I just don't want you to get in trouble.

This goes for all our readers - the LEGO community is open and (mostly) friendly, but always ask for permission before sharing what someone has written or created and then made available on their own website.

Let me clarify my comment above because I've received a couple of emails asking about it:

When we blog about other people's websites and designs, we include a link to the original material.

If the website in question has downloadable material, we typically will refer you to the original source for you to download.

In this case, a PDF is available for download. The creator of the PDF owns its - it is copyrighted. If I were to download the PDF and put it on our website (or blog) for download, I would need the creator's permission to do so, even if it's free. (Selling it would get us in even BIGGER trouble.)

Sorry for the confusion. I just wanted to explain why we (the contributors) provide links but do NOT provide the original documents (or CAD files or .rbt files) off of our blog.


Anonymous said…

As a rule, I do not upload content into NXTasy without permission. Our servers don't need this burden... We allmost allways provide links, like your blog does. For me, the repository is a convinient way of finding information months after it was published in either blog (try for instance to fish out DAZLR stuff in TheNXTStep...), it is ordered and categorized in a sensible fashion (I hope), and provide the community a search enabled storageplace (allthough as links ;) for their own work.

No offense intended - I just noticed that the PDF was available for download early this morning from the Repository and I wasn't sure what your policy was... glad to hear it.

I only brought this up because the publisher we've been dealing with has been VERY specific in telling us that we cannot have any of our book's reference material available for download from other sites (this may change once the book is out).

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