Acceleration Sensor block released

HiTechnic has released the NXT-G block for the Acceleration Sensor. It can be downloaded here.
I'm including a picture of the expanded data hub. From top to bottom, the plugs are Port, X axis coordinate, Y axis coordinate, Z axis coordinate, Yes/No logic value, Trigger Point, and Greater-than/Less-than.


Andy said…
I think you should have been able to choose wich axis the "trigger" trigs and not only the X-axis.
They could have done a better job with the datahubs like they did with the color and compass sensor.
I hope they will make those thing able in the next version of it.
I think the main reason for the things I wrote about here was not "in" the block is that they where under time pressure scince they can't wait too long after they releast the sensor until they release the NXT-G sensor block.


The group at HiTechnic listen... trust me. They are a great group and I'll pass along your comments to them.

I'm not a paid spokesman :) I just like there stuff. I'm sure they'll appreciate your feedback.

Andy said…
Okay. Thanks, I have decieded to buy the acceleration sensor and the compass sensor this summer when I go to USA. I hope they update the block so it get those features I wrote about.


PS. It is just to sit back, relax and wait'n see! :P
Anonymous said…
i should have the sensor in about 5 more days. Now the ASC can sense that it is tubling off a cliff;)
Brian Davis said…
Be warned for rough terrain, there's a lot of "noise" to get around. When LNE is moving, the little jerks and jolts of acceleration the HiTechnic sensor reveals are remarkable... and need to be delt with.

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
I have the sensor and I have downloaded the block, but when it is set down it doesn't look like that, all it has are the pull down "ports" when it is not part of a loop etc. i don't have any of the stuff at the bottom of the screen.
Anonymous said…
nevermind, i just found Steve's block and it solves all my problems

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