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Well, some days are better than others. Especially, when you are as sapped as I am for building time. So, I cruise over to often to view the recent activity of other builders. Maybe they can spark some creativity in the LEGO world.

Yesterday, I spotted these very cool works by 222Doc. The "TRiTracks" crawler and a folder full of "Mobile Defense" robotics. The rubber/foam pads on his track system are his own creation and they look glued. LEGO likely has a few plans for the pin holes in the track links. There is also a pretty awesome walker there which combines elements from the RIS and NXT systems.

Only a link...since I couldn't find any contact information for 222Doc. Maybe he will see this and let us post a picture or two.



Andy said…
Go check out and NXTLOG. You will find him both places :-)

Yep, you're right! I remember the walker now. It was mentioned on this blog last month.

Nice stuff!

Andy said…
I know! His creations is awsome!

Anonymous said…
Thank you all for the props. I have web space as well/blog thing at:

its not much but pictures. An links to show people were to learn more on lego robotics, places like here and Motocube, Nxtlog. I have always been a fan of technics and last oct, i seen the NXT on TV well i was hooked again. .

The rubber treads on my TriTracks are made from 5.10's rand rubber. I did use a very small amout of crazy glue to apply them. but very easy to remove with no harm to parts. I plane to mod them with 2 half pegs each one day so they will then be like lego parts. it will take alot of pegs though, hundreds. The rubber is very sticky too it has been the standard for Rock climbing for decades(for the rock climbers out there)most know about 5.10's c-4/s2 rubber it is amazing. Made by charles cole.

Mac J Ruiz(aka =222= Doc)

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