Discussion forum for NXT hardware hacking

I received an email from Rasmus regarding a new forum that has been created for discussing NXT hardware hacking. If you're interested, take a look at:



Anonymous said…
A little while back theNXTstep posted about a marble carousel made with the NXT.

Well, the builder has come out with a new version, this one using studless building.

Very cool...
Anonymous said…
Video link, hilarious soundtrack:)

Anonymous said…
Mmh... looks like it is a firmware hacking discussion, not a hardware one !!!
nxtmote said…
Hi philo,
The pre-chapter of the http://news.lugnet.com/robotics/nxt/nxthacking/ forum reads:

Focused discussion group for NXT™ firmware hacking: Exchanging ideas about NXT firmware hacking, optimization of code, reprogramming of MCUs (ARM, AVR, CSR Bluetooth), new and existing bytecodes, new and existing sensors,open source development etc etc.

All the best,
Anonymous said…
Ok, let's say firmware AND hardware hacking ;-)

Philo, hardware hacker...

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