Japanese Snowplow Robot

Where I live, we need one of these--right now. It's an autonomous, snowplowing robot with a built-in GPS and video cameras for eyes. It "eats" snow then expels it out the back in blocks, to be used as alternative coolant for various things.

I want a Japanese family to adopt me so I can enjoy all of their robots.

Read more about it here.


Anonymous said…
Boy do we need one of these where I live. I just got done shoveling (how low tech :P) our walkway and mailbox. But I don't think that thing could handle our driveway:-)
Brian Davis said…
I only shoveled enough to pile up a snowmound for LNE to climb. Yes, it works on snow, but almost exclusively in "swimming mode", using the flippers. Fun to watch, and the treads came back in packed with ice :-).

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
if it ever snows that much here(or at all) then we are in a ice age.

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