LEGO Innovators

The LEGO Company was one of several companies highlighted in tonight's episode of The Business of Innovation on CNBC. The focus of the episode, titled New Tricks & Old Dogs, was on how successful companies use their customers to innovate. Christopher R. Smith, from this blog, was interviewed. There was also a wicked cool video of an RCX LEGO Car Factory in the background of the episode that you can see on YouTube here.

The podcast of Episode 3, New Tricks & Old Dogs, should be available soon and you can also visit the series' homepage.


The videos are now posted at CNBC(four segments of the 1-hour episode 3)

To the Viewers...I feel a little bad about the half-dead mouse I was kicking to get the words to come out. He is usually pretty sharp. But, that was a sign of me being a little over-worked.


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