Mar 19, 2007

LEGO Innovators

The LEGO Company was one of several companies highlighted in tonight's episode of The Business of Innovation on CNBC. The focus of the episode, titled New Tricks & Old Dogs, was on how successful companies use their customers to innovate. Christopher R. Smith, from this blog, was interviewed. There was also a wicked cool video of an RCX LEGO Car Factory in the background of the episode that you can see on YouTube here.

The podcast of Episode 3, New Tricks & Old Dogs, should be available soon and you can also visit the series' homepage.

1 comment:

Christopher R. Smith (Littlehorn) said...

The videos are now posted at CNBC(four segments of the 1-hour episode 3)

To the Viewers...I feel a little bad about the half-dead mouse I was kicking to get the words to come out. He is usually pretty sharp. But, that was a sign of me being a little over-worked.


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