Neat NXT Snowcat in Lego Mag

In the latest edition of the Lego Magazine, there was this neat-looking NXT Snowcat made by LEGO Master Builder Dave Gold. It looks really neat, and I was wondering - why haven't I seen this anywhere else? Has anyone else seen it, other than in the Magazine?

Here's another picture of the whole robot:



pimpinsimpson21 said…
i seen it looks realy good and if u find out anything about it can u email me at

would be nice if thay make it buy-ably
Anonymous said…
yes, really cool.
Are those treads like the ones that come with the snowmobile set?
if not, are they expandable...

They aren't the snowmobile treads; I believe they're made of these pieces (except their black, not transparent):

Argh, the link cuts off. Here it is again - paste the two lines together:

Unknown said…

why not use HTML? ;-)

Like "they are made of these pieces"

Oh, that works? Nice... I tried to do it, but was using the wrong tags and therefore thought HTML didn't work with comments. I see how to do it now, though - thanks.

Anonymous said…
I think they have the aesthetics right, but if they want it to run in the snow (which they probably don't) they will have to make some adjustments. I certainly don't know for sure, but it looks like either the tracks will tear apart, or it will just dig itself into the snow...
Anonymous said…
looks like the sonar is buried to deep into the cab to work? i found that when i do that i get false readings. seems that the sonar has to be flush at best.

but its nice design would look better with the new treads. you would think they have every part at hand.

I don't know - of course it depends on the snow conditions, but I think the treads alone (without the plow on front) would be able to handle a fair amount of snow - especially if it was crusty, like the snow I've got at the moment. Although it is hard to tell, because there isn't any detailed pics of the tread constructions...

Anonymous said…
Does anyone have news on this? Does anyone know how to get in touch with Dave Gold?

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