A new Carousel video

Our designer friend, Karl, has done it again. Click here to view his latest video, showing another Carousel.

From Karl: "I've made a new Carousel, and this time its studless.

It uses two synchronised motors to power the large outer ring (the outer ring is from Lego Set 4481 Star Wars Hailfire Droid), this in turn rotates the four turntables.

A light sensor checks the position of one of the platforms that carry the marble cups, the turntables are rotated a fixed distance from the light sensor to be in the correct position for the reciprocating heads to pick or drop a marble as appropriate. The platforms are then rotated again into position for the next marble.

A third motor powers the reciprocating heads. A light sensor is used to detect a 360 degree rotation.


Unknown said…
By Jove,

that's really neat!
Does anybody know if there are building instructions for this available somewhere?
Anonymous said…
Sorry there's no instructions. I made it up as I built it.

If you want to try and make your own, here are some photos that may help: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=241415

Fay Rhodes said…
It really is a thing of beauty!
Anonymous said…
Why the use of light sensors to detect 360 rotation? Did you find the precision of the motor encoders insufficient?
Anonymous said…
What's with all these carousels? Do they imitate factory robots?
Anonymous said…
Guy, I use the light sensors as they make the robot more of a robot. Its a tradition or old charter or something.


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