NXT Hack with a Wii Remote

Jose Bolanos has this NXT hack using a Wii remote control. The response from the controller is a bit slow, but it's still fascinating to watch.
More info is here.


Anonymous said…
NXT $250
Wii $250

Being able to pick up the red ball with a Wii-mote... priceless!
Anonymous said…
how do you get it to work because i would like 2 do that same thing.
Anonymous said…
Seriously, I would really like to be able to do that as well. How do you connect?
Random Mayhem said…
For those people asking how to do this...

First of... you will need to write your own program.. Of course.

The Wii remote is simple a Bluetooth device that can be connected to your computer via a dongle or built in bluetooth device.

The program it self will obtain the current accelerometer values X,Y,Z and then you convert these into output to the motors on the NXT.

So say for example the Wii remote moving on Y axis would turn on motor 1.

If anyone would like more information on this or an example program / code then feel free to contact us here at Mayhem Development.

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