pbLua beta 2 available

pbLua beta 2 is available for download.

As the author, Ralph Hempel states
"This one has many of the missing things such as Bluetooth, floating point, and bitwise logical operators, as well as a more streamlined and Lua-ish API for the NXT specific functions."
I've written some small guide that describes how to install and configure pbLua and how to download and run pbLua programs to resp. on the NXT brick.

Try it and post your experiences here as a comment.


Anonymous said…
Wonder how safe it would be without bricking the brick. Is it necessary to listen some "clicks" while downloading the firmware like we do with new versions of NXT firmware?

(I cannot hear them myself.)
Unknown said…
After all, the clicking is very low indeed (same with possible alarm sounds).

It must be said that the procedure is far from being stable presently. As for me, most of the time I had to repeat the downloading of the firmware until the result was useable. And after switching of the brick and on again, the state mostly was ... hm ... unknown at best.
Yet, it's an alpha release (even if it's labeled beta) still. And you can always rest the brick and re-download the original LEGO firmwar to the brick.

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