Philo's NXT Book is Now Available

Philo Hurbain's new NXT book is now in stock (twelve days early) at The link is here.


Unknown said…
Ah, interesting!

Does anybody know which NXT programming languages are dealt with in the book?
Rick Rhodes said…
Here's the Table of Contents for Philo's Book:

Extreme NXT Table Of Contents

CHAPTER 1 In the Beginning
The RCX and the Robotics Invention System
CHAPTER 2 In the Box
The Sensors
The Motors
The Lamp
The Languages
CHAPTER 3 Connecting to the NXT
NXT Ports
Sensor Input Pinout and Signal Description
Motor Output Pinout
Physically Connecting to the NXT
Making Your Connectors
Screw Terminal for Passive Sensors
RCX Compatibility Cable
CHAPTER 4 Contact Sensors
Touching Wires
Electronic Surfboard
Parallel and Series
Antenna Sensor
CHAPTER 5 Resistive Sensors
Analog to Digital Conversion
Ohmmeter Program
Measuring Salinity
Homebrew Temperature Sensor
NXT Digital Thermometer
Relative Humidity Sensor
Light Sensor
Comparison of LEGO and CdS Light Sensor
Braitenberg Vehicle 2
Two Switch Input
CHAPTER 6 Potentiometer Sensors
Resistance Selection
NXT Protractor
Pressure Sensor
Broom Balancer
Bottom Mounted Joystick
Top Mounted Joystick for the T-56
CHAPTER 7 Voltage Sensors
Design of a -5V to +5V Sensor
NXT Battery Tester
A -15V to +15V Sensor
CHAPTER 8 4.3V Powered Sensors
Hall Effect Sensor
Robot Mouse
Transistor Buffer
Infrared Rangefinder
Wall Follower
Differential Light Sensor
Digital Sundial
Enhancing the Transistor Buffer
CHAPTER 9 Two-Wire Powered Sensors
Half-Volt Sensor
Current Sensor
Electronic Whistler
Pressure Sensor
CHAPTER 10 Aftermarket Vendors
Vernier and DCP Microdevelopments
LEGO Education
CHAPTER 11 NXT Motor Interfaces
The Clapper
The Etch-A-NXT
The Pneumatic Gripper
CHAPTER 12 Beyond NXT Motors
The Motor Block
Output Control Program
Muscle Wires
Electromagnets and Solenoids
Kinetic Sculpture
Doubling Outputs
Light Emitting Diodes
More Power
One MOSFET Amplifier
Bipolar MOSFET Amplifier
CHAPTER 13 I2C Bus Communication
I2C Communications
Eight Outs
Magic Wand
Four Ins and Outs
Simon Game
Relay Outputs
Four Analog Ins
Color Sensor
Going Further
CHAPTER 14 Cool Combinations
Data Logging
NXT-to-NXT Bluetooth Remote Control
LEGO Train Station
Panoramic Camera
NXT Pong Video Game
Remotely Guided Vehicle
APPENDIX A Breadboard Construction Technique
Solderless Breadboard
Building on the Breadboard
Building a Printed Circuit Board
APPENDIX B References, Links, and Sources
APPENDIX C Code Listings
Anonymous said…
i just ordered the book, i must say i am looking forward to getting this maybe more than even a third nxt. since i would put my skills at programming at, well, noobish.. i hope to glean from this even a small% of Philo's knowledge.
Unknown said…
Cool! He has tackled the Breitenberg vehicles!

Hm...that pulverizes similar recent plans of mine, on the other hand. ;-)
Unknown said…
From the table of contents I deduce that the programming languages used are NXT-G and NBC, right?
Wow! I need more coffee!

That is quite the collection.

I might mention that there are more than one author's name on this book.

Rick Rhodes said…

My assumption is the same as yours: the languages covered are NBC and NXT-G.

Michael Gasperi said…
The book mostly uses NXT-G with NBC for the I2C and legacy RCX two wire powered sensors. We discuss Robot-C and show some examples of it too, but it is mostly a hardware oriented book.
Rick Rhodes said…
Thanks, Michael.


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