Pre-Announcement: Fana'Briques 2007


although it's some time still: also this summer the Fana'Briques will take place in the Alsace again, a two-days event focused mainly on the topic of "LEGO in movement". While last year the Tour de France passed the very location (Rosheim) on the same weekend and thus a huge LEGO race bicycle was manufactured, this time an original-sized Bugatti T35 is planned to be implemented.
Of interest may be the GBC as well (for which I hope to contribute someting again).

Unfortunately, the event's site is available in German and French only presently.

Nevertheless: jot down a big note for June's last weekend in your date book!


Anonymous said…
So you'll be there, MP? If all goes well we'll finally meet in Real World ;o)
Unknown said…

I'll do my very best to make that happen. :-)
Presently, I'm trying to figure out how to register...
Anonymous said…
I sense some book-signing session :-)

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