Robosapien Robot is NXT-compatible

NXTstep reader Michaël Ludmann asked us to remind our readers of the new Robosapien Robot. Robosapien is now compatible with the NXT brick, which fits inside Robosapien's backpack. Read about it here.

Thank you, Michaël!


Brian Davis said…
I've seen this compatibility mentioned before, but I've yet to see anything like a description of what it means. Carrying an NXT brick is one thing (&, given its mass and change in the CoM of the robot as a whole, a fairly impressive thing). But interfacing it is quite another. Will it need custom firmware on the NXT? Can it still be programmed, and in what? How does it connect with Robosapian: sensor port? Motor port? USB (does that mean Robosapian can support a master USB port)? BlueTooth?

It sounds neat, but I've yet to see more than apparently hype. Do any of our readers have any concrete information on this?

Brian Davis
Tanker11 said…
Yea, seriously this is the most useless piece of information posted. Some dude who loves Lego designed for NXT to fit into his robot. And???? Then what??? Tune in at 11 for full story??
Anonymous said…
To dmytro :

I'm not so sure it's so useless as you write it, because it's not a simple basic robot which had been made compatible with the Lego NXT. The company which created it is well known for its good quality robotic inventions specialized in toys, and you can be sure that it will bring support with enough documentation in the coming months (well, hum, at least, I hope so ;) ).
And without waiting for that, I can already think about the possibilities it enables : our lego robotic inventions will now be able to wirelessly (provided you have two NXT) control a little biped with camera vision enabled, able to play music and sound whenever and wherever you want it, without needing to use a lot of lego pieces and time if you don't have them. Morever you shouldn't forget that this robot already has lots of sensors integrated into it, which could really be interesting to control in addition to the lego ones.
Eventually, for those who loves robotics and already own both lego NXT and Robosapien Media, I believe that this compatibily isn't a so bad news.
No, in my opinion, the question isn't in its possible uselessness or in the interest of the posssibilities it's enables, but rather in how we'll do that, exactly as Brian Davis wrote. I wonder how the communication between the two devices will be possible. And that's why I'm waiting for some explainaitions provided by Wowwee... and I guess I'll try to buy one asap.
So, wait & see ? Or maybe somebody has already experimented that and would be able to provide us with good answers and solutions by sharing his own personnal experience?

More informations concerning the robot itself :
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the info! The second link gives pretty good idea about the robot, so we can draw at least some idea on it. Embeded linux and lots of RAM. Now that is powerfull!

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