Robot Butler Anyone?

Researchers in Japan have created humanoid robots that can serve tea and clean up afterwards. In an article you can view here, you can read about how researchers are now shifting their focus from walking robots to a variety of other "practical movements", including holding a cup without dropping it - or crushing it...


Rick Rhodes said…

The link in this post isn't formatted correctly; hence, readers can't access it.

If you need any help in managing the back links, send an email to Jim Kelly and ask that the email be forwarded to me. I can then walk you through the backlink tags. Anyone else on the blog will be able to help you with this as well.

Hi Rick,

Sorry, both were caused by the odd way the HTML editor tries to be smart and changes your selection as you are dragging. Both of my pasted links were goofed up.

I'll be more careful in the future.

Rick Rhodes said…

No problem! This blog format that Google forces us into is NOT user-friendly.

Anonymous said…
getting back to the robo butler, I think if they want it to sell, they'll have to do something about the appearance. A robot in a tux would be much better:)
Eric said…
I made a real butler robot prototype!

Later version will have tuxes ;)

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