URBI for Mindstorms NXT programming

JC Baillie has hinted me to URBI, a programming environment that supports also the NXT now. Let me cite JC: URBI is
"an easy to use programming interface for
robotics, which has been used so far on the Aibo. I thought you might be
interested to know that we have released a version of URBI for Lego
Mindstorms NXT.


URBI is free, with open source interfaces, and you don't have to change
the original firmware to use it. We have a forum also to discuss
technical matters here:
http://forum.gostai.com/viewforum.php?f=16 "
Check it out and comment your experiences here!

Thanks JC,


I downloaded URBI the other day and my 10 year old started trying to program a maze follower using the USS and two motors. After a few minutes of "pinging" the USS the sensor would overrange and we'd have to re-start NXT & URBI. This was all while connected via USB. When the USB was not connected the USS would work fine. Don't know if there's some kind of resource or memory issue going on - need to play with it more.
BTW - she REALLY liked being able to send direct, typed commands to the NXT and have it, pretty much, do what it was told.
She has not been impressed with NXT-G or RoboLab icon based programming.

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