Will there be 40+ more sensors available for the NXT soon?

Vernier Software and Technology has been working with the LEGO NXT and their Vernier sensors for months. They are working on a prototype of an adapter that would allow the NXT to work with 40 of their analog sensors. Software blocks that would be used with the sensors and adapter are also being produced. Vernier hopes to have the adapter commercially available early this year.

There are videos of 8 different NXT projects here. I like the "Leveler" (pictured here) that uses a Vernier Low-G Accelerometer as a tilt sensor. This simple robot can carry a cup across uneven terrain without spilling it.

Which is your favorite - and how would you use it?


Tanker11 said…
Looking at their sensor prices (cheapest accelerometer goes for $99, many other sensors are in $200-$500 range)
I wonder how many of these they think they'll sell?
Anonymous said…
wayyyyyyyy to much but i would buy that temperature nxt style sensor for50 below but i would just buy a tilt sensor 50$ to do that cup balance thing
Anonymous said…
it would seem they need to look at the competition of the market, hytechnic and mindsensors are selling for under 50$ for most things, though when the motor mux/ sensor mux i would think will be over 50 under 100$ from hytechnic. perhaps they are looking at the university market they have the big bucks.
I didn't look at the whole list of sensors, but most that I did look at were under $100. Here is a sampling:

Charge Sensor - $69
Voltage Probe - $11
Current Probe - $37
Blood Pressure Sensor - $99
Conductivity Probe - $92
pH Sensor - $78
Stainless Steel Temp Probe - $29

Granted, it would be nice if they were all under $50 - but at least this is a source of additional sensors to choose from.

Regardless of price, what would you build or what investigation would you conduct with these if you had them?
Anonymous said…
Magnetic Field Sensor looks cool off hand. its not to bad at 50+. take th nxt to Bermuda triangle or look for them mini black holes i was watch on the history channel.
Hi 222doc,

I like the idea of sending the NXT out to look for the mini black holes - maybe we can combine it with the autopilot from earlier in the week and make a UAV that looks for the mini black holes!

Andy said…
Awsome idea! LOL ;P
Hehe, good combination though! I like the temperature probe :D Only 29 bucks too! I wantt that. If it is analog and uses only 2 wires it should be easy to connect to a RCX/NXT. But I think the reason they make the adepter is because of the resistance in voltage in the wires and things like that.

Anonymous said…
i would want the ph probei would buy it but i only know three programming languages nxt-g urbi visual basic andi dont completeley got it perfected it but its rcx code on the ris site they have that game where you program the rcx with move block and stuff but it never used the "big blocks"so i would get the ph probe if it was in nxt-g
Anonymous said…
the voltage and the current probe will work nice as a team because i studied electronics in fourth grade QUEST and voltage/current = resistance so you dont have to buy the conductivity prove for 100 if i had the blood preasure probe i would a robot to measure the blood preasure of someone if its too high or too low it would dial 911 because i can make a robot to dial in numbers but... the blood preasure probe is tooooooooooooooo much =(
Anonymous said…
exactly what is the charge sensor?? is it to measure electricity but they already have the voltage / current sensor P.S. im the person who posted the 2 comments above

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