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A New Member to "The NXT STEP" Blog Team

Pursuing the Camera subject...

Some cool stuff to look at...

NXT Sensors - HELP! My Light Sensor is Broken!

NXT Sensors - Adventures in Color Detection

Official Website coverage of NXT/RC Plane


(A Few) More Details of John Hansen's New Book

Impact of FIRST Robotics on students' education and career choices


A List of the "Best" Mindstorm Designs

An Expansion Outlet for your NXT

Train places its own track...

4wd vs 2wd? A Drive System Comparison

The "NXT Generation" team from Denmark.


New Object-Avoidance Sensor for the NXT

Marble Machine

NXT and RC Plane and GPS


Close-up of Lego Camera Gimbal

Mindstorm Trooper's RT1200

Lego Pan-Tilt Camera Gimbal

List of useful NXT-G Custom Blocks


Lego Storage Redux

And, Still More Books...

New NXT Programming Book Scheduled for Fall 2007

New Contributer!

FLL: The Debriefing

"Rotating" NXT Biped

NXT Baseball Batter

FLL photoset - can you find yourself?

FLL Robots on NXTLog

LEGO and FIRST responses to VT tragedy

Philo's New Design

Is Simpler Not Better?

Students Weigh in on Marketing Science to Girls


The Robot Rebellion is Here

All Results of the FLL World Championship

LEGO NXT Plays Nice with an iRobot Create

Pocket PC - Bluetooth Remote

Built on the Rock 2007 results

Georgia Champs

National Instruments

LEGO Education at FLL

LEGO Booth

Scholarship Row

China at FLL


LEGO/Billund at FLL

Calgary Team

Jordan Team

The Gyro Sensor

FLL International

FLL International Champions

tune in right now for live coverage of FLL World Championship rounds


NXT Retail Kit for $189.99US


NXT Heart Rate Monitor