Close-up of Lego Camera Gimbal

Above is a close-up of Chris Anderson's Lego camera gimbal, to be used on his R/C plane with an NXT autopilot. (Scroll down to yesterday's post for more information).

Click on the above photo to see more detail of the gimbal.

Thanks, Chris, for sending this along.


Brian Davis said…
That's a nice compact design. It looks like the camera is "mounted" (rubber-banded) to a Technic triangle that is (glued?) onto a small servo (I don't see the servo horn, but that's got to be for side-to-side turning of the camera). Meanwhile the entire thing can tip forward and back from a linkage driven by the blue transparent servo. Nifty. Any idea what the slew and pan range on this is? Or the total weight? I'm very impressed that it could be made this small, but i think for forward/back panning I would have manuvered the entire plane (into a shallow dive or climb).

Brian Davis

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