The Curling NXT

NXTstep contributor Fay Rhodes built this Curling NXT. This is version 2.0, with a stronger arm and cold weather gear.


Sweet... I love the snowcap. :P

Hilarious! And I love the choice of background music.

Unknown said…
Great stuff, Fay! :-)
No longer will Curling be the most exotic Olympic sports to me! Instead, it's one where robots apparently beat their human counterparts in already.

ps The cap is cuuuute.
Fay Rhodes said…
The movie is Rick's creation. The filming was done with the assistance of an excellent curler, John Buscaglia, and a few other young assistants at the Broomstones Curling Club in Wayland, Massachusetts, USA. (Alas, I was at home on antibiotics, forbidden to spend time on the last ice of the season.)


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