FIRST Teams Visit White House

My son and I had the pleasure of attending the congressional reception that followed the FIRST teams' visit to the White House. There were some terrific demos given by FRC, VEX , and FLL Teams and even an FLL table for my son to take a few practice runs with his team robot.
Added bonus: Autograph pic from Dean Kamen.


As character Napoleon Dynamite said it best..."Lucky". Good job FLL teams! In my opinion, meeting the greatest modern inventor, inspirational leader, and man surely to leave a lasting impression in people and on the world must have been the high point. Dean Kamen is pointing the world back on course...hundreds of children at a time.

Rick Rhodes said…
WAY Cool, David!!

While you were standing there, did you ask Dean Kamen to write the forward to our book? :-)

Are you familiar with the 2 devices that Dean Kamen and his team have created that provide power and clean water to small villages in under-developed countries? One device can power a single light bulb (doesn't sound like much until you realize that many of the places that could use this have ZERO power and no light to read/study/learn by) and the other device produces clean potable water at a specific rate from dirty water.

I was thinking about how Dean has grown FIRST and how it's become a very useful organization - wouldn't it be great if every FIRST team could also add an element to the competition to raise funds to "sponsor" a set of these devices by raising money from sponsors and fund raisers? Each FIRST team would be able to make a real-world impact on a handful of people they probably will never meet.

Just an idea...
That's the idea I think we should grow. One I believe that displays the real benefit DEKA and FIRST can offer the world.

I have seen the inventions you mention and they are some of the very real reasons DEKA is tops in my book.

I'm sure there are other better ways to discover but I saw these innovations on Iconoclasts (Sundance Channel) where Dean Kamen and Isabella Rossellini interviewed eachother for the cable show.

Here's the videos from Iconoclasts...
Well, if anyone knows how to get in touch with Dean Kamen, please point him over here to this discussion.

I do believe that if every team involved in FLL were also adding its support to sponsoring 1 or 2 of these devices, think about the impact FIRST could have on the world! Each team could help raise the funds and FIRST could provide feedback to the teams on how their hard work is impacting those in need.
David Levy said…
"While you were standing there, did you ask Dean Kamen to write the forward to our book?"

Rick -
Ha. No but I did mention that TheNXTStep was the first to break the story on his appearance on the Colbert report:

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