FLL International Champions

Gotta make this quick, but we at The NXT Step can be very proud - one of our very own contributors, Jonathan Daudelin, and the team he belongs to won the 2007 FLL International Championship and are sharing with another team (Note to Self: need to find their team name and congratulate them as well...). They scored 3 perfect 400s.

More on FLL when I can ge to a more reliable Internet connection.



Anonymous said…
Jonathan's team name is Built on Rock....what are they sharing with the other team? Robot performance or Directors?
Fay Rhodes said…
Another rock solid performance by Team Built on the Rock. Congratulations, Jonathan!
I saw a bit of the tourney before I came to work for 2nd shift tonight. I saw that Johnathan's team #1221 was up to compete in the last round (rnd 24). They were doing some kind of cooperative matches where 2 teams (on one table) competed against 2 teams (on the adjacent table). They would swap turns at completing the table tasks.

It was very cool to see!

Congrats, Team 1221 !!!

Fantastic Job!

Rick Rhodes said…

I was on the treadmill today at 6PM, when I saw one of your teammates on CNN. (They were doing a three-minute segment on the championships in Atlanta, GA).

Can I have your autograph, or should I talk to your agent first?:)

Congratulations to you and your team.

Rick R.
David Levy said…
Congratulations, Jonathan!
Brian Davis said…
Well done all! Jonathon, I hope you get a chance (when things calm down some) to update the blog with all the details. Wonderful, with I was there!

Brian Davis

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