FLL photoset - can you find yourself?

Joe Meno from BrickJournal (disclaimer: no, that's not him in the photo) tipped us off to his photoset from the recent FLL World Festival in Atlanta. What great pictures! And again, I'm really sorry I couldn't be at the event to meet you all. Wonderful pictures, of a whole lot of teams as well as some really nice robots... and some folks doing straaaange things. Swimming with the trophy? Steve Hassenplug wearing glasses? And who let the giant penguin in there?!? But Joe went one better than just putting up his photosets on Flickr, and also edited together a short Youtube video clip (with soundtrack). Take a look at the photosets and see if you see anyone you know...

FLL World Festival, Day 1

FLL World Festival, Day 2

PS- Can anybody find Joe Meno in one of these? And if you've not seen or browsed BrickJournal, feel free to look over some of the amazing back issues you can find at the link above.

Brian Davis


Unknown said…
OMG, that's so wonderful!
All these promising young people from all over the world just having fun together while using their brains are lighting a candle in our world (nay, a firehouse), in a manner of speaking (and LEGO made that happen).

Dear me, with having watched these images I do even more regret not having been able to attend.
I'm with you there Matthias! It is the greatest thing to see happen. I was at the Texas FFL finals and I was blown away by the feeling the atmosphere gave me.

one word....Goosebumps.

Unknown said…

THere were some great things that happened in Atlanta - while this was a competition, there was no real team spirit that was against any other team, if you get what I mean.

There are two things that come to mind that reflect this:

1. At the end of the first day, the kids all went to an ice cream social, and had a show where teams did skits or songs or performances. While many were of songs (lotta raps), one of the best performances was of a team that did a song to the tune of the Brady Bunch and at the end, pulled up signs that said good luck to all the teams, in their native language - I managed to get a blurry pic, but it was too important to delete!

2. I was on the stage when two teams running perfect scores competed. Both had two perfect scores so far, and both were ready to do it a third time. I took pics of one group during the heat, and they indeed did a perfect score, as did the other. And as they were going out - the teams met each other and not only congratualted each other, but had pictures taken together - that's onthe video with them waving the four fingers!

It's moments like that and all the kids in thier native costumes walking around that make this a special event. I regain a lot of hope in our future there.

Thanks for the comments!
Unknown said…
Wow, that looks like an amazing event, I wish I could have gone when I was in Lego League, but alas we never made it past the Minnesota State Competition. Maybe sometime in the future I can go watch one at least. :)

Anonymous said…
THANK YOU for taking and posting these incredible photos. I served as an FLL judge at the event, and even though I've been involved at the state level in FLL, this event just blew me and my DH away. These students, their coaches, mentors and parents are just wonderful. It was so uplifting to be immersed in this event for 3 days. And, it's so terrific to be able to come visit all of the teams we met and saw at the event.

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