Jordan Team

I enjoyed visiting with many of the teams. One of them, the team from Jordan, was doing a great job of meeting teams from all over the world. Here's a photo of them with a team from Japan.

They were also promoting something very important to their country - the vote for Petra to become a new world wonder. You can find some more information about Petra and Jordan here. Petra is something they are very proud of and they asked me to not only vote, but to also ask others to read about it and possibly vote if you feel it a worthy addition. (For movie fans - Yes, Petra was seen in the 3rd Indiana Jones movie - "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.")

This last photo is of me with the team - they gave me a small plaque from their country and I exchanged contact information with their coach and hope to stay in touch with them.


Unknown said…
Jordan is indeed a great country full of both wonderful people and amazing antiquities. The highlight of the two months I spent there in 1994 was definitely Petra.

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