LEGO and FIRST responses to VT tragedy

In response to the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech, LEGO and FIRST have both issued responses.



And those of us here at The NXT Step are keeping the victims' families and friends in our thoughts and prayers.


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I am an alumnus, Spring 2003. I was an FLL mentor during Fall 2002 to Spring 2003 and worked at the Center for Power Systems Building (Whittemore Hall) which is basically behind Norris Hall (site of the 2nd string of shootings). I don't have any other friends or family that are still at Tech, nor did I know any of the victims but my heart goes out to all the victims and their families. It really is a small college town, where people are just trying to learn and grow-up. To see this tragedy happen, I can only fear that the image of Tech I had experienced for 4 years will be lost. However I know that the students and faculty are strong and will rise up and cope with what has happened, hopefully to be able to foster the forth coming generations of students. The support from Lego and the FIRST organization is greatly appreciated.
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