LEGO announcements

Over the next few weeks, you should keep an eye on the official Mindstorms website. Some announcements are just around the corner.

One item of interest to some of you will be the presence of LEGO reps at FLL in Atlanta, Georgia on April 12-14. I've got the Wish List (from the earlier post on March 13) edited and cleaned up and ready to hand to some of these representatives, but if you plan on being at FLL, you'll have a great opportunity to talk to some of the people responsible for the direction of Mindstorms and its future.

Some of The NXT Step blogger team will be at FLL, and we'd love to meet and chat with any of our readers who will be there. And for FLL teams, we are VERY interested in interviewing you and sharing pictures of your team and robot with the rest of our readers. So please look us up at the tournament and say hello.


Robolab29 said…
Hey, I'll be mentoring team 585 Limit Busters there. Hope to see everyone there!

Robolab 2.9
Anonymous said…
I'm the coach of FLL Team #2, The Engineers of Tomorrow. We are competing with RCX, but our booth features both an RCX and an NXT chicken, representing our state bird, the Rhode Island Red.

Anonymous said…
Hey I am 13 i love this blog. I am on team 560 Bananos. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
All I really hope for is an Intel version of the MacOS software. Anyone knows about plans for that? I know they are waiting for LabView to port, but other than that?
Anonymous said…
An Intel Mac version is currently in alpha testing. I received a request to participate in the beta testing group. Sounds like vista support and bug fixes are also part of the upgrade

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