Lego Storage Redux

Back in February, Peter Hoh had an excellent blog post on Lego storage solutions.

Our own solution: The Container Store

The Container Store has conventional storage boxes like the blue one pictured above, plus it has more open containers like the following:

It also sells inexpensive dividers for customizing your compartments within, like the following (sans clothing):

As always, we invite your own ideas for the best LEGO storage solutions on the planet.


Anonymous said…

Is there any place where one could
just buy the storage bin with trays
from the Lego Education sets?

Like the ones shown here:



Thanks for any info

Rick Rhodes said…

Your question has been asked before, and I'm sorry to say that I'm not aware of any empty "tubs" of this kind.

Does anyone out there know of any?
Anonymous said…
I tried e-mailing the Lego Education
store with the question, but I didn't
receive any reply :-(

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